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You know me as a gig photographer who occasionaly shoots promo portraits for musicians. In 2015 I took on a project to shoot promo shots for the gym. Not so different from shooting other portraits but very different setup wise. I always use natural light for my band portraits, but this time the client wanted studio shoot. I could shoot with one speedlight and softbox, but not the whole group of women together. The strobes were the only way to go. Now, keep in mind I had never used studio strobes before and I was really lucky that they were lent to me and also the owner was nice and helped me out with the tech side and settings.



I had some basic guidelines as to what photos are necessary and others just happened along the way.




But the most important thing that day was to have fun. Those are real world women, not models, not used to posing. Women who are members of the gym and were kind enough to trust me with posing and final photos. They all wanted to look good, and they did.

I also had a friend helping me out with behind the scenes video. I wanted to add some more value to the client, to show others how fun those shoots can be and to show other women everyone of them can be a model. So big thanks to Ksaver Šinkar for filming.

As for the post processing – client and I decided on black and white photos, to compliment the white and purple website where the photos are used. You can see how it works together – FEMINI.

The video was edited by me and I used VSCO Film presets for the final look (thanks to Sara Dietchy for letting me know its possible to use them in a video).

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