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METALDAYS 2015 road trip

“Lets road trip to Metaldays!” a sentence that melts every girls heart.

Living in Slovenia, 2 hour drive away from Tolmin and not been able to go to Metaldays again this year was hard to accept. But all the odds were in my favour, so I went to see Black label society.

If you are more interested seeing than reading watch the video below, or you can do both – watch and read.

12 a.m. and we were set for the road with friends. 10 minutes later already buying beer – having a heat wave that week we needed to rehydrate. Few hours, lots of left and right turns after, we arrived in Tolmin. First stop – shopping for food and drinks. I believe tuesday was the hottest day in the week. Finding a shade was not a problem because the paradise on earth offers everything. So we kinda camped out for an hour or so by the entrance to the main stage, listening to Avatar and Skindred, enjoying our beers in shade.

Fast forward to the evening, we decided to see Nervosa on second stage and eat something. My only complaint for this year would be no grilled meat stands (or maybe they moved it from where they were previous years?!). I found Indian food which had very nice offer with lots of fresh veggies, but not compatible with beer and portable toilets. Other than that, there were slices of pizza, french fries, chicken wings (I don’t eat that) and kebap. They also had vegan food stand and smoothies. But all I was craving was grilled meat.
Ok, back to Nervosa – all female band from Brazil?! They killed my scepticism in the first minute. Gorgeus woman, playing metal – yes please. We need more women on stage playing music with balls. This is real female powered band. Probably the one and only I approve so far (not that you care of what I approve).

Black label society – I expected butterflies, goosebumps, high levels of energy … but all I can say is: Meh! Not really impressed.
Don’t get me wrong, they played good, but I expected more. I get more energy listening to their music at home than I got at the live gig. Probably I won’t have the chance to see them again, but if they ever play in Slovenia again I really do hope the club show will be better.

Next were Dream Theater. I never listened to their albums before, didn’t know the songs. But I decided to give them a fair chance since they were headlining. One minute into the first song, the singing started and I ran as fast as I could because I couldn’t stand it. So show was over for me – final verdict – their music is really not what I want to listen to (no offence to the fans, everyone has their favourite bands).

The greatest thing on Metaldays is, that even if there is nothing for you on the main stage at that moment, you can go and check out the second stage. Or do as I did – go to the beach and chill for some time by the water.

Two hours later it was time for some brutalization with Cannibal corpse – the best gig that day! Past midnight and they brought so much raw energy on stage … guess what, I am not a fan of the band, don’t know the songs, but they convinced me in the first minute to stay and enjoy. That is how it needs to be done! And I can say that they saved the day for me.

So that was it. My one day in paradise.

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